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 New Artist Grants. 

Our goal is to start awarding our yearly grants buy the 3rd quarter of 2018. For More Information email us


#1. Named but not Unveiled                  #4 Named but not Unveiled

#2 Named but not Unveiled                   #3 Yet to be Named


A tax deductible donation of at least $5000 to Quest of Life Media & Broadcast will give the donor the privilege of naming one of the remaining Grants


Projects are specific Artists and Albums that we are crowdfunding through your tax deductible contributions.

David Johnson of Seattle. 

He has a portfolio of music that moves. He has dreams and and powerful emotions!


We are working to assemble a reference list of friendly supportive venues across the country to assist you in planning tours. If you have venue to recommend or would like a copy of our current list please email us.

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