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Music From Independent LGBT Singer/Songwriters 

Sundays 6pm Pacific QLRadio

Not Weird, Queer

Not Weird, Queer radio show was established in 2014 by host/producer Steve Sims. Steve is the former co-host of The Quest of Life (WRPI Troy 2003-2013). Not Weird, Queer is a weekly 2 hour show featuring the music of the global LGBT community. It focuses primarily in independent artists. It first aired in Many 2014 in KPQR Portland as a 1 hour show and quickly expanded to 2 hours. When KPQR changed format in October of 2016, NWQ continued to air on the stations internet site as well as airing on additional internet stations. It currently airs 5pm Coast to Coast on QLRadio


BBC Radio 4 Rock Transitions

Steve was interviewed and can be heard in this BBC Radio 4 documentary.

BBC Radio 4 Documentary  Air Date March 21, 2017

Journalist and culture critic Laura Snapes joins the dots of a fascinating musical history that encompasses musical icons such as Ma Rainey, Little Richard, Lou Reed, the Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones and Madonna, and looks at how today’s musicians use music and performance to express who their own gender and sexuality. In recent years the issue of gender and identity has been a hot topic in the musical landscape and beyond. A new generation of artists are using music for fearless expressions of their gender and sexuality that break beyond the archetypes set by their forebears. Rock Transition speaks with artists such as garage maverick Ezra Furman, Canadian pop stars Tegan and Sara, musician and author CN Lester, and musician and activist Ryan Cassata to understand why music offers an exciting platform to express and explore gender identity and sexuality – and asks how these artists can resist being marginalized and commodified by an industry keen to capitalize on a hot topic.