Quest of Life

Media & Broadcast

A Nonprofit LGBT Fundraising, Media, & Broadcast  Services Organization


These are individuals who have generously supported Quest of Life Media & Broadcast. Supporters may remain anonymous upon request. Founding Donor title goes to the first 20 individuals to make a contribution to support QoLMB.


Quest of Life Media & Broadcast Founding Donors 2018

Honorable Mention to the initial Anonymous contributors.

You are Founding Donors as well.        


1. Tom Goss              (Founding Donor)

2. Stephen Sims       (Founding Donor)

3. Ryan Cassata      (Founding Donor)

4. Roger Kuhn         (Founding Donor)

5. Brady Earnhart  (Founding Donor)

6. Lynx Dean.           (Founding Donor)

7. Don Shewey          (Founding Donor)

8. Dave Hall              (Founding Donor)

9. Jeremy James     (Founding Donor)

10.Liz Snavely         (Founding Donor)


11.Luke Luyckx & Rebecca Cooper( Founding Donor)

12. Joe Cutro          (Founding Donor)

13. Alyson Kraus    (Founding Donor)

14. Ron                      (Founding Donor)

15. David Meders    (Founding Donor)

16. Ron Waite          (Founding Donor)

17. Randy Slovacek (Founding Donor)

18.                               (Founding Donor)

19.                               (Founding Donor)

20.                             (Founding Donor)


 Stephen Sims – QoLMB Executive Director/Founder 

Alyson Kraus – QoLMB Social Media Marketing


Jeremy James - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Utility Regulator, State of New York

Frontman for The Villaineers indie rock band

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast, a nonprofit, 

would like to welcome our new 

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jeremy James

Jeremy is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Arkansas. He now lives in upstate New York with his husband and a clowder of cats. He is a utility regulator by day, and by night he fronts the indie rock band The Villaineers.

Billy Hamilton

CEO – Western Spirit Media Services


Patric “Z” Rodriguez

Producer – Industrial Street Productions (Former Producer – Disney)


Samuel Lora

Radio Journalist / Author / Community Builder


Kristie Stremel

Singer / Songwriter